Reindeerspotting (2010) - English subtitles

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ID 882009

Sender kvrle

Datum 15.09.2010 @ 23:23:18

OMDb 438898


Sprache Englisch

Format MicroDVD

CD Anzahl 1

FPS 25

Größe 16.85 KiB

Dateizählung 1

Übertragungen 2913




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{3280}{3355}Need to find someone Mazda 323
{3491}{3593}If not here,|so on that is rotated around.
{3926}{3961}Over here.
{4007}{4097}(Jonas, director:) ... Some type ...|Hey, did you hear?
{4102}{4172}(Joonas:) There's a bunch,|did you hear? - I heard.
{4448}{4492}(Car alarm system.)
{5208}{5285}(Jack:) Not needed to run longer.
{5712}{5753}Can not you you could?
{5758}{5859}Mulla'd be here|sort automankka.
{5894}{5994}Sony's of this sort. Wait, I read.
{6017}{6205}Xplod 4 x 50 W CDX-4000RX.
{6238}{6327}This is quite|hell of a good Sony boom box.
{6405}{6483}Then I got money'd be with.
{6537}{6584}Oh, damn.
{6616}{6739}Well you still care to ask,|even if puokki find?
{6745}{6824}You will not be able to sie|jeesaamaan way?
{6935}{7019}I did not need than just one.
{7156}{7260}(Hurts:)|Fuck you 'd have pulled all at once, but.
{7265}{7409}(Jack:) I did not take as puokin,|mie that I get all the bits of the night.
{7724}{7830}Do you thin that not work?|Fuckibn sure it really works.
{7835}{7901}I can hit my head a pledge.
{7906}{7981}(Hurts:) I did not say that.|- Not then.
{7989}{8070}(Hurts:) There was not enough.|- Yes, here.
{8076}{8140}Mie joined a puller|Jonas tykönä.
{8143}{8210}Initially it seemed,|that there are over oo, -
{8215}{8282}but then it suddenly raises.
{8287}{8396}Vedäpä. Try it.|(Hurts:) I did not want to.
{8401}{8495}Well, not then.|(Hurts:) Pull out the sie.

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